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Ammolite-Sunstone Pendant



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Designer Fine Art Jewelry

After some 30 years as a jewelry artist it is time for me to hang up my tools
in order to sit in my rocking chair with a good book. I will be retiring this website soon.
Meanwhile everything has been reduced 50% in price,
so browse through the site to find a piece of jewelry you just can't resist. Many of the pieces are below cost.
There are also lots of cabochons listed, if you love beautiful stones be sure to check out:

A BIG Thanks to all my loyal customers - it has been fun getting to know you a bit.
Many of my best ideas have come from you.

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Boulder Opal Pendant Lapis Ring

Click the above pictures for information about the piece.

I love gemstones that are unusual, that have their own "story."
Finding that story and translating it into a piece of jewelry
gives me great satisfaction.
- Jan McClellan

Sugilite-Amethyst Bracelet
Chrophase-garnet Bracelet

For your information there is a section devoted to telling
the "stories" and the mineral composition of the gemstones.
Also shown are some gemstone cabochons that
are now available for purchase.

Please click on the links on the left sidebar for information
and pictures of the jewelry and gemstones

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